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Etherconnect is an open-source decentralized finance platform for a stable coin, staking, yield farming, and Defi Banking protocol. It is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for investors to unlock a universe of open futures of financial earnings. Etherconnect> is based in United Kingdom Registered Company and also registered in Estonia. The Etherconnect Ecosystem is designed to provide multiple opportunities & benefits for its investors, traders, and users to earn profit daily.

The The Etherconnect Community enhanced the crypto finance platform & merged the Defi protocol with the governance protocol. This will help us to find the independence of all desires, Etherconnect community of like-minded, freedom-loving individuals.

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A Trusted Ecosystem

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Decentralized MPC

  • Etherconnect is the FIRST Ecosystem to regularly price illiquid assets

Cross-chain Settlement

  • ECC can do this quickly and inexpensively, enable price discovery for illiquid assets.

Cross-Platform Liquidity

  • ECC proprietary consensus mechanism sets the foundation for real assets x DeFi


“Etherconnect listen to their users and investors need and understand them very well, they empower their Users to create fortune.”

Tudor M

“ Etherconnect platform is fully Flexible and modern origination system with great support all around the world users.”

Caloger R

“ We’re Incredibly Excited By Etherconnect Roadmap, Especially Their business plan To Bring worldwide users to On-Chain ecosystem.”

Paula M

“ Developing an active community is hard. ECC token encourages our community participation and engagement to support to grow our future.”

Renny C

“ Etherconnect team focused on bringing traditional on-chain services with worldwide network. So i believe they will unlock tremendous opportunity and value for investors.”

Toya Z

“ Etherconnect ECC coin will be the traditional assets and it will unlock life-changing wealth creation opportunities for billions of people.”

Catrina C

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